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Endless Summer 2015


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Foto Flashback

In 1982 I had been shooting news for a couple of years and was expanding my perspectives and trying some commercial and advertising photography. Doing a little organization in the file room this week I found this 35mm Kodak Extachrome 64 transparency. As I recall, there wasn’t much lighting but lots of reflectors and graduated filters. It was an instant flashback to a warm summer […]

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Bring the light

Its no secret that location shooting has its lighting challenges. To dark, too bright, too contrasty, not contrasty enough, wrong colour, mixed colour, back light….  That’s why we usually bring our own and lots of it. But every once and awhile you have everything set up and balanced and realise you need just one more light to make it sing …and the bag is empty. […]

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Shooting Toyotas

Night shoot on location at Toyota Plaza in St. John’s, Newfoundland. ….lots of light, lots of time and lots of driving back and forth. (click to enlarge full size)   © 2014 GREGLOCKE  

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Playing with the cat

Well, summer is over and its time to get back to work. Caterpillar invited us to head out on the road and shoot for them again this year and after the fun we had last year we dropped everything and said YES! Be sure to get your 2015 calendar.  Photo by Greg Locke © 2014

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The River Guardian

  The River Guardian Had a little time and were sitting around the office so Erinn and I decided to go try out some new lighting tricks …but it can never be just another lighting test. It has to be a production. Erinn outdid herself with the concept, costuming and makeup. We lit up that river with a bunch of Nikon Speedlights including a couple […]

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Playing with CAT

We finally delivered pictures from a month long assignment shooting Caterpillar heavy equipment and their operators. Yes, I admit it, it was the ultimate “boy” assignment.  We had a blast playing in the dirt with tractors. Big thanks to  Jeff , Tom, Dave and the crew at Toromont CAT in St. John’s for all their help.  Photo by Greg Locke © 2013

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Sucker for sapphires

Last week we went from climbing rocks to polishing them! We shot these beautiful sapphires for Diamond Design. ….and sapphires are our favourites anyway. Photo by Greg Locke© 2013

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The Age of West Aquarius

The newest arrival in the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore oil industry is SeaDrill’s semi-submersible drill rig, West Aquarius. It is under contract to Statoil Canada to drill a number of exploration wells on the deep water Flemish Pass, 500km east of St. John’s, and the Jeanne d’Arc basin in the area of existing producing wells at Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose, 300km south east […]

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Room with a view

Ever wonder what the view from the top of that tower crane on the 351 Water Street construction site looks like? The best view in St. John’s belongs to the crane operator on this project. We did this shot from just below the operators booth approx 75 meters (and a 20 minute climb with gear BTW) off the ground. Now that we’re back on this […]

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