Innu edit for Redux

50 Photos to be given to Redux Pictures for pitch to NYT Magazine, The New Yorker and others. Also have another 50 to supplement. Some old photos I have from the 80s and 90s for historic context also some landscapes shots if needed.

Anything here that is terrible and/or anything I’ve overlooked?

General story line goes….

Forgotten people

Last nomadic people/hunters of North America

Forgotten and ignored by provincial, federal and other indiginous authorities

History of 1949 NL Confederation and how it let to current situation for Innu

Refused official recognition and status

Abuse by church, rcmp and government officials

Loss of traditional land due to hydro, mining, logging and other groups claiming their land.

30 years stalled land claimed negotiation by federal government. Three times Fed condemned by Canadian Human Right Commission for its treatment of the Innu.

Innu begin fighting back in the 90s …current status