All Across The West

In 2006 and 2007 I spent time working in the Canadian west. It started with a series of portraits of Newfoundlanders working in the tar sands projects of Fort McMurry, Alberta for the Financial Post Business magazine. A year later it was a five month  cross-country car trip and a documentary project. For the first few months I worked the Peace Country and the high northern prairie of Alberta and British Columbia. In the fall I headed south for the wheat harvest in southern Saskatchewan and an environmental story on a carbon capture project for Canadian Geographic magazine. I then followed the 49th parallel, the Canada – USA border, from BC to Lake Superior and again from Windsor, Ontario to Nova Scotia for a story on Canada – US trade and relationship for Canadian Business magazine. That project won a National Magazine award. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to “poke around” a little bit more in the Rockies and southern Alberta.