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Photo by Curtis Jones

On the island of Newfoundland, in the north-west Atlantic ocean, off the east coast of Canada, the wild, uncultivated beauty begs to be explored. From Cape Spear, the most eastern point of land in North America to the Long Range mountains, the northern extreme of the Appalachian range, outdoor adventure is as easy as walking out your front door. This project will take us outdoors in all seasons and weather, hiking, skiing, climbing, running and camping on the old coastal trails and back country, and sailing and kayaking in the coastal waters. So come travel with me through one of the last great unspoiled outdoor adventures in North America. If you can’t visit in person you can follow this project here for photos and stories from our adventures exploring Newfoundland. We’ll be updating this site with photos, stories and video throughout 2015 so make this a regular stop on you digital travels.  You can also get updates and follow along on our Twitter feedFaceBook page and Instagram.

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