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Photojournalism moves to a new venue

Photography, especially in its journalistic form has both changed the news medium and been changed by it. Specifically by the ever changing technology related to how news and information get delivered to the reader and […]


Photojournalism is not dead yet

  A major new project by James Nachtwey. James Nachtwey, one of the world’s greatest photojournalists and winner of the 2007 TEDPrize, received “one wish to change the world” “I’m working on a story that […]


another newspaper gone in NL!

The Sunday Telegram joins the long list of dead newspapers in Newfoundland. That Sunday morning news came via Corner Brook blogger Gary Kelly who picked up the Canadian Press story in the Cape Breton Post.  […]


How Stephen Harper did something for Greg Locke

…not that he realizes it, but for the first time in my life a piece of Canadian legislation will have a positive, direct and substantive impact on mybusiness, family and that of my professional photography colleagues.  Bill […]


Building the mutually agreed contruct…

Our apologies if this changes everytime you log or GASP!  …see something you shouldn't. No one ever said it was a “family website”.  Just doing a little pixel construction and testing out some new CSS […]


The New News Medium

This is a update of an earlier post …gl   It's not news that online journalism is evolving well beyond words and pictures. What's new is how technology is giving photographers and the visually literate communicators […]