Trans-Canada Highway …and new project

Hi friends, Its time to fill you in on my next project and this time I’m going to take you along. Virtually of course, I couldn’t possible feed you all. Its big. This week I leave St John’s and follow the Trans Canada Highway west to Victoria, BC and back looking for the heart of Canada with photos, videos, history, interviews along the ribbon of highway that links us all together.
I’ve packed up the old Volvo Wagon and headed west …and east. In the side road diversions and along blue highways, I will be seeking the heart of Canada, its past, its present and, maybe, its future. The Trans Canada ribbon of highway will be my path on this journey. The railroad belonged to corporate Canada, but the TCH is the people’s path. And I want to take you along on that road trip.

We will be creating live content on various platforms but offering you your personal ride along on this trip with a regular newsletter over the 6-8 weeks, an opportunity to own photographs, a book and professional portfolio revues and Q&A though your generous sponsorship.

If you would like to help support this project I have some unique gifts for you …follow the link. I welcome and look forward to your suggestions on places, people, things that you feel I must see and do. If you would like to contribute directly but not on Indiegogo platform please get in touch. I’ll have a page up on my website soon.
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See you out on the road!


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