Aerials at sunrise

Aerials at sunrise with Jennifer Gushue at Flatrock, Newfoundland by Photographer Greg Locke

**. Photo by Greg Locke © 2021.

Aerialist Jennifer Gushue at Flatrock, Newfoundland for a sunrise photo shoot by the ocean. Moving out of the studio or performance space meant finding a good overhanging rock building anchors in the rock face to support her. It was cold and damp and it turned out beautiful. The key is define the concept or objective, how its going to be executed, make a plan and follow it. If things are not going well you stop and correct or try another day.

This true of all commercial photography. Its like making movies. go through any of the commercial, corporate or advertising photos on these pages and they all begin with a concept for a photo and a plan to get it efficiently and safely.

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