Climbing, new photo challenges and skills

Climbing at Flatrock Newfoundland

Our daughter, Erinn, has become an avid rock climber loving both indoor and competitions at the gym as well as outdoor climbing adventures. Which is good because Newfoundland is a great place to be a rock climber. She has even represented the province with her Alpine Club of Canada NL team at competitions out of the province. All this, of course, means some great new photo challenges for me if there are going to be “family photos.” I’ve done my share of work in harnesses at height and quite comfortable working on the super structures of offshore oil rigs, tower cranes, in helicopters and with iron workers on steel beams high above construction sites but rock climbing is different, its much more physically demanding. You actually have to climb rock at some point, not just climb stairs or ladders. So, some new skills were required.

This now meant spending some time at Wallnuts Climbing Centre learning these skills and how to handle some new equipment and, oh, yeah, get in decent enough shape to get up on that wall and stay there!

Check out this photo gallery of the Alpine Club of Canada (NL Section) junior sport climbing team in action.!

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