2014 Sound Symposium XVII – Call for Proposals

Celebrating 30 years of exploring sound!
Be fantastic! Be outrageous! Be earth-shaking!

Sound Symposium invites artists from all Sound Arts fields to propose projects, installations and performances for Sound Symposium XVII in July 2014.

Sound Symposium creates a forum for the exchange of ideas, it serves as a crucible for the creation of new art. Activities include workshops, installations, performances and natural audio-visual experiences.

We support the exploration of new repertoire in contemporary classical music; provincial, national and world premieres; jazz; improvisational music; sound installations; dance; theatre; workshops; film; sound poetry; and outdoor or environmental projects.  We emphasize SOUND and INNOVATION.

If you want to help create an adventure in sound, this is the place and time for you.

Invited artists are encouraged to stay for the entire period – take part in collaborations, dialogues, and unexpected pleasures – become a part of a sound community.

It is likely that you will share a program with other artists. Your proposal should suggest, in most cases, a program of approximately twenty to thirty minutes.  There will be exceptions made where a longer program will be appropriate.

We will be looking at proposals as we receive them, and will continue to accept applications until we have filled our schedule.  But we suggest you submit your ideas before our deadline of July 15, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: soundart@soundsymposium.com or visit www.soundsymposium.com

Proposal Guidelines

Please submit:
? a brief, but detailed description of your proposed project;
? a list of the technical requirements of your work;
? the duration of your work (time) if it is a performance;
? a short bio (approximately 100-200 words) for publication;
? a photo of yourself for publication (electronic format, please);
? a statement that the new work has not been previously produced;
? samples of your work via cds, videos, DVDs, photographs and/or website access
? a brief resumé listing –
permanent address
telephone number
email address
website (if applicable)
education, prizes, awards, performances, exhibitions, critical reviews and references.

Stray Light Media is a proud supporter of Sound Symposium.

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