Sound Symposium 2012 – DAY 1

Sound Symposium XVI kicked off today in St. John’s. This 10 day international festival of new music and sound art is held every two years and has become world famous for its performances, workshops and sound art. For us it means 10 days of around the clock shooting and editing. Keep an eye out here for our favorite photos and video clips through out the week and be sure to visit for info on the artists, where to get tickets and the event schedule.

One of the highlights of Day 1 at Sound Symposium 2012 was an electro-static sound sculpture called Scenocosme by Anais met den Ancxt (left) and Gregory Lassarre. Go touch a rock and feel and hear the magic. It’s at the Eastern Edge Gallery on 50 Harbour Drive.

You can find out more about this art HERE.

Photo by Greg Locke © 2012








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