Working search and rescue

Cougar Helicopters dedicated search and rescue helicopter doing ocean rescue exercises off St. John's, Newfoundland. Photo by Greg Locke © 2012

Since we are on the theme of working in a harsh environment lets look at some people who willing jump out of helicopters into into a cold stormy ocean to rescue you when things go wrong. Working search and rescue requires a special breed of person to do a job where the physical and psychological demands to just do the training is beyond what the majority of the population are able or willing to face.

Cougar Helicopters in St. John’s, Newfoundland, which conducts helicopter operations on the Grand Banks supporting the offshore oil industry, has added a dedicated search and rescue helicopter and crews to its fleet.

The SAR teams have been doing training exercises over the past month and we’ve been chosen to photograph their operations as they prepare their especially equipped Sikorsky S92. Cougar is the first operator, civilian or military, to use the S92 as a dedicated SAR helicopter.




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