Time, time, time…tick,tick,tick

We’ve installed our first camera in downtown St. John’s for what will be a 15 month time lapse video of the construction of a new office building on the harbour front. This little Panasonic TM-700 camcorder (an awesome little camera if anyone is looking for a small but high quality HD camcorder) is the easiest installation and gets the cushy job in a nice warm office, next to the coffee machine,  overlooking the site. It will work away at 1 frame per minute for the next 15 months.

Still fine tuning a few things but the first few days look pretty cool. Heat build up from being ON for weeks at a time will be the big test for one of my favourite little cameras.

The next cameras will be outside, down on the site and on the roof of another nearby building, as the project progresses. Weatherproof boxes will be the order of the day for these guys. Have not made a final decision on the camera / intervalometer combination yet. Talking to Nikon tech about what they might have to fit the bill.

The last time I did a major time lapse project it was with a Nikon F2 with a monstrous motordrive, intervalometer and film back with 250 foot rolls of Ektachrome motion picture film. ….and 200 metres of AC power cable.

It’s MUCH easier now.

My only worry is I’ll forget where I left the cameras!!  Check back in 15 MONTHS for the results.

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