Panoramic portraits

Panoramic portrait. Greg Locke Photo © 2012 St. John's, Newfoundland

CLIENT: “Greg, we need you for a few days to shoot some portraits of workers at a bunch of locations”.

ME: “Great. Whats the concept?”

CLIENT: “Well, its for a corporate annual report and I’ve laid it out so the portraits are panoramas spanning the page. Nice face shot with vista for a background.”

ME: OK, do have any sketches done?”

CLIENT: “Yes, sending them over now. …but don’t sweat the composition, we can shoot the portraits and backgrounds separately and I’ll put them together in Photoshop.”

ME: “How about we shoot it right the first time and save us both some time ….and it will look much better.”

Here is one of 14 panoramic portraits we shot in five locations on work sites around the Avalon. Many thanks to the crew at Oceanex for accommodating us on this particular shoot on a very cold early morning.

For the tech curious:
For this shot we used a Nikon D700 and a SB700 Speedlight in a softbox controlled by Nikon CLS system.
ISO 200, 160th sec @ f2.8. Focal length = 50mm


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