Photoshop is for wimps.

Ocean racing legend Alex Thomson does a " keel walk " for Hugo Boss ad

This is how great photos get made. Not with Photoshop but with a creative vision, some good planning and solid coordination. When Hugo Boss wanted a memorable ad shot they turned to sailing legend Alex Thomson and his 8 tonne 60 foot carbon fibre yacht, a 255 horsepower jet ski, 45 combined years of sailing experience ….and a production team with nerves of steel.

Check out the video below for how they did it and visit Alex Thomson Racing website for more spetacular (And REAL) photos.

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  1. Greg Locke February 22, 2012 at 11:41 #

    True …nothing goes to print without Photoshop these days. After all it has replaced the wet darkroom as primary production environment for photography. My real point was that Photoshop was not used to CREATE the image. Too often these days eveyone’s first assumption is that Photoshop was used to create something that wasn’t there a guy standing on the keel of a high tech racing yacht in an expensive suit.

    For a lot of professional photographers today it has become a competitive point of pride to actually make great photos and not have them simply created from composites by a digital artists or CGI.

    Thanks for visited and commenting!


  2. Ron Cowie February 22, 2012 at 10:01 #

    That’s all well and good but to suggest the final image went from the camera to the printer without photoshop is folly.
    I take you’re point that photoshop can’t make a bad idea good.