The Pink Swan …and web stories

For now my friend’s daughter is still The Pink Swan. She was very proud of her ballet outfits and pictures were in-order for the far-flung relatives.

(NOTE: This post has been imported from the old blog.)

Speaking of far-flung and as this blog space is still operational, I would like to thank the 77 THOUSAND people (human and web bots) who visited my blog this month. It’s a record for any of my sites.

I will miss you all when we switch over to our new cyber real estate sometime this summer. Google doesn’t like change or change of addresses and stops sending people around for a while. Just spite I guess.

Most of the traffic on this blog does, indeed, come via Google search and particularly searching for photos. Stephen Harper, Terra Nova oil and a wheat farmer from Weyburn, Sask. are the most popular. …go figure.

Some smart web/ISP people once told me that 1000 hits a day is very good for small local or regional blog so I was pretty happy when I hit that mark on a regular basis. So, when numbers started to climb above that, doing 2000 hits a day, last fall I was surprised. After all its just a business blog really.

I’ve never really paid slavish attention to it but now that this site is getting over 3000 per day its just bizarre.

Sadly, it will all end soon as we change up servers. I don’t really mind. Contrary to what some of my IT, journalism and blogger friends say I don’t believe everything posted to the Internet is sacred and has to exist forever. In fact, I am finding “everything” is actually making search engines fairly useless for finding current info.

I’ve deleted everything from blogs and websites before and started over. The world didn’t end, Google didn’t send the black helos and within a year they had forgiven me and was sending traffic my way again.


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