Taxi Driver …not De Niro.

George Murphy photographed on Topsail Road in St. John’s, Nfld.  by Greg Locke © 2011
Wow! Where did this month go?? We have been absorbed in a project that involves photographing a couple of hundred subjects over the next few weeks and lost all track of the outside world. Oh, yeah, a trip to the bottom of the Duck Pond mine helped the sensory deprivation too. One of those subjects turned out to be gas and oil pricing analyst, political agitator, communications guy and taxi driver …George Murphy. Check out his Gas and Oil blogLighting by photo assistant and work term student Cherie Brushett.

You might want to wander through this blog a bit while you are here. We are doing a major overhaul of our servers and software and this space/URL will vaporize into digital dust sometime in the next few weeks without warning.

Don’t worry, it will return in a much more robust blogging venue along with new photo / video galleries, archives and stock photo library on a  new Stray Light server.

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