Red Albino redux

As we finished up the portrait marathon in the studio last week it was a great pleasure to see Jody Richardson come through the door. We had shot more than sixty portraits in less than ten days for various clients, 25 in one day alone, so a friendly face was a relief.

Richardson is one of those Newfoundland eclectic artists who is a great musician, writer and actor. In the early 90's he fronted a funk/rock band called The Thomas Trio and The Red Albino  that was a big hit with “the kids” and had  success across the country on the college circuit. It was one of a group of bands, writers and theatre companies at the time that showed Newfoundland art was more fiddles and folk art.

His current band, The Pathological Lovers, has achieved critical acclaim, a fantastic debut CD and if you are at The Ship Pub in St. John's at the right time, will be treated to a memorable performance.

Check out their latest video by Jordan Canning.

If you are a fan of Republic of Doyle you can catch Jody playing Ziggy, the wayward chip wagon owner in Season 1; Episode: He Sleeps With The Chips.  Watch for the in-joke at the poker game where the gambling granny says, “shut up you red albino.” …then head down to Water Street for the best chips in town at Ziggy Peelgood's chip truck. Hard to see the line between life and art in Newfoundland sometimes.

The whole thing reminded me of an earlier photo I made of Jody Richardson.

I first met Jody while shooting a Thomas Trio concert at the Delta Hotel in St. John's in the early 90's (see photo below) for The Evening Telegram where I was the photo editor …who can remember the exact year? My friends say the 90's were my lost years.

Our paths have seldom crossed paths since but when it does or I have a chance to hear his music …catch a concert, its always a pleasure.

Jody Richardson (right) performing with Thomas Trio and The Red Albino at the Delta Hotel
in St. John's, Newfoundland sometime in the early 1990's.
Photo by Greg Locke © 2011
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