Across the West …driving the Canadian Prairies.

Lake Saskatoon, Alberta.                                                                         by Greg Locke © 2011

Another cold, wet stormy day in St. John's has put  the locations shoots on hold again so a good time to update the website and do a little digital dusting …and maybe dream of hot summer days on the prairies.

I have updated the website with a gallery of photos called Across the West. A collection of photos from magazine assignments on the Canadian prairies in 2006 and 2007.

The picture above was taken at Lake Saskatoon, an abandoned farm community in northern Alberta between Grande Prairie, AB and Dawson Creek, BC. The crops are still planted in the fields. They weave around the oil pump jacks and natural gas pipelines but the people are gone. Wandering around I couldn't help but be reminded of Newfoundland's abandoned fishing outports and that traditional economies, lifestyles and cultures that weave people together get bulldozed  all over the world and its called progress.

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