My favorite photo from 2010

Picking my
favourite photo of the year last year was pretty easy. The Wedding
in Grey River
was the hands down winner. This year its a lot
harder. We had a lot of great commercial and editorial shoots not to
mention it was a Sound
year and the Juno Awards were in town. But in the
end this shot of a beautifully customized Roush Ford Mustang shot for
won out as my fav. It was a fun shoot, it was a wet shoot and
technically challenging …and all the gear survived.

A close runner up was a
portrait at Fortress
, Nova Scotia. A shot that happened only because we
missed the ferry in North Sydney while on a shoot for Exit Zero and had a
day to kill. What better way to spend a day in Cape Breton then
exploring the historic French fortress that is one of the finest of all
the Parks Canada national historic sites.

Well, this
is digital clean up week around here so there are some new photos
posted in the blog
and there are a few new additions to my portfolio
over at Over at
NL PRESS they are
working on a 2010 Year in Pictures which will feature a number of my
editorial photos

I hope 2010 was good to you and 2011
will be even

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