The diverse photography week.

Roush Mustang photographed by Greg Locke. © 2010

was a crazy week shooting this past seven days. One of the great things
about the professional photography business is the diverse subjects and
people you get to photograph but this past week I think we went to the
extreme ends of the scale.

Friday we started covering Hurricane Igor in Trouty and Britannia with
Prime Minister Stephen Harper visiting the disaster areas with Premier
Danny Williams for Reuters.

Then its was a rainy day on the TCH shooting a car ad with a beautiful customized Roush Ford Mustang for

Monday it was back to Trouty to cover the military relief efforts and the
building of a new bridge. …and then to the smallest of subjects,

I've been told that jewelry is the hardest thing to photograph
well. It's true. Controlling reflections and shadows on a highly
polished surface is a near impossible task. Sometimes its a matter of
choosing where you want them. We turned to a specialized lighting box to get this shot of an engagement ring.

We closed out the week with a Hurricane Igor wrap up story and photos for the Sunday Halifax Chronicle Herald.

Now its time to clean up the week's digital mess and try to get the studio and office painted.

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