The art of oil


Last week OIL, a photographic exhibition by Edward Burtynsky opened at The Rooms. In my opinion, this is the best photography exhibit ever put on display at The Rooms and I encourage you to go see it. His work spans more than 10 years and looks at a broad scope of the oil industry and its attendant industrialization.  My favourite is his photographs of the ship breaker in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Mr. Burtynsky's large prints are a pleasure to view after becoming accustomed to the small mediums of print and now online.

CBC Online producer Kathryn King has put together a feature at CBC-NL about the exhibit with some of Mr. Burtynsky's photos, an interview by Weekend AM's Angela Antle and she was kind enough to recognize my work in the Newfoundland offshore oil industry by including a gallery of my photos with my perspective of Newfoundland's fledgling oil industry.

I'm not sure what Mr. Burntynsky would think of having his work along side mine but I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the online feature. I'm told Mr. Burtynsky tried to get offshore …but no luck.

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