2010 Juno Awards …have left the building

Well, we finally finished editing and shipping the last of the 2010 Juno Awards photos out to the clients and the many stock requests for now. We shot the event here in St. John's for a couple of editorial and industry clients. It was a long week. We shot in bars and ballrooms, on the Red Carpet, in a mini studio and, of course, the main event at Mile One Centre.

It's always great to shoot alongside our visiting colleagues and the CARAS/JUNO people were awesome with their help and accommodating the needs of a dozen stressed out photographers. Special thanks go to Chris and Charlene!

Here is a photo gallery of some of our favourites.

…and if any knows who the guy was that took the photo of Michael Buble posing
with the photographers on the red carpet please let me know at locke@straylight.ca …or have him send me a copy!!

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