On the ice with St. Bons and Hockey Canada

Photo by Greg Locke © 2010

In the midst of last weeks whirlwind of news with the Prime Minister in town, the PETA seal and Salty Dog doing mascot battle on New Gower Street and Danny Williams slipping out of town for a bit of heart surgery there was one calm and enjoyable assignment. …getting out on the ice with some young hockey players.

These are students from St. Bonaventure's College participating in the Hockey Canada Skills Program. St. Bon's partnered with Hockey Canada in 2007 to present a program that emphasis individual player skills and progress.

Although the program has been across the country for several years, St. Bon's was the first here in Newfoundland. It was suggested to the
school in 2006 by a group of parents who became aware of the program
through a news piece on the national news.

program focuses on the skill development of every student. There is an
emphasis on developing skating, shooting, passing, body contact and
also several practical game skills. It is a unique program because
players of all skills levels and practice together. Even with the
difference in age or skill level, all the players have an equal
opportunity to improve. Due to this uniqueness, the program has seen
tremendous growth in recent years, making it more accessible for
students and hockey players across the country.

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