2009 seems just like yesterday

Well, I guess its time to clean up the mess and get back to
work. Not that we stopped working. Looking at the blog I notice it has been a
month since we’ve posted anything. Hope you weren’t holding your breath! 

December was lots of small jobs on the photo side, some
upgrades to the NL PRESS and Sound Symposium websites to better handle and
display photos. They will appear over the next few days and a couple of new
websites for clients. And, of course, the talk and scheming (dreaming) of new
projects for the coming year. Books, films, web projects, exhibitions all tied
together …it seems the options and projects wish lists are endless these days.
Like everything, all it takes is time …and money! If you have one, there is a
good chance you don’t have the other.

On the journalism front in 2009 I covered the constant low
level hum of manufactured news for various clients but the one real story that will
mark 2009 for people in Newfoundland
will be the Cougar helicopter crash. Like the sinking of the Ocean Ranger and
the many schooners and fishing boats in Newfoundland’s
marine history the loss of lives at sea is felt through the entire population.
This one, too, will be marked in our history books. The tragedy also captured
the national news attention and the photo of crash victim Alison Maher’s
funeral in Fermeuse was used on the front page of the National Post and Globe
and Mail. It’s rare that the two competing national newspapers in the country
will have the same front page images. 

Over the holidays as we met with friends and family I have
been asked by some what my favorite, best or important photo was of the
year.  This is a hard one for any working
professional photographer, especially on the photojournalism side, because we
are taught (no, beaten in to us) to not have any emotional attachment to our
photos and to objectively edit (judge) them solely on their communications
value. They have to tell a story to someone who wasn’t there, what I “like” is
irrelevant because what I like is often based on my experience of making the
photo, not what the photo actually contains for the viewer. But, sometimes, if
we are lucky, they are one and the same.

So, what were my “favorite” photos I made in 2009?  I made some good photos for some great
clients, almost all on location portrait work. There was Pat Thompson, Diamond
for Canadian Jeweler magazine, Mark MacLeod, Chevron, for Alberta Oil,
portraits of immigrants for the Association for New Canadians, Prince Charles
Royal Tour
for Reuters and many of the people involved in the offshore oil
. Oil being the only bright spot in the provincial economy during the
past year of global recession that has all but wiped out the other resource
industries that were once the backbone of the local economy.

But my best assignment and favorite photo came from shooting
Brad and Courtney’s wedding in Grey River on the south coast of Newfoundland. …thanks guys!

My second most favorite photo is this. On Musgrave Harbour beach
as we criss-crossed the island on a camping trip trying to avoid Hurricane Bill. As my daughter, Erinn said, “Gee dad, you look a little relaxed.”

There are just too many photos to consider when you are shooting with such great people and clients on an almost daily basis.. Just go check out our galleries here and at NL PRESS. Thanks to all our friends, fans, clients and colleagues who made 2009 a great year for us.

That’s it! Hopefully it won’t be a month before the next
blog post.

Now its time to clean up the mess and get out there and make
the most of 2010. Remember, if you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up
too much room. ….and 2010 is a SOUND SYMPOSIUM YEAR!! YIPPEE!

…and if you have any time or money laying around and would
like to spend it on a great documentary or multi-media project do check in!

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    Hi there Greg. Just poppin' by to let you know that voting is now open for the NL Bloggers Choice Award on the NL BlogRoll. Not sure if you knew about this yet or not, but it's a new initiative I've put in place to add some interactivity to the community.
    Good luck with the vote!