Election? …so what!

Fabian Manning hugs his wife after conceding defeat to the Liberals in the riding of Avalon.
Photo by Greg Locke / NLPress.ca © 2008

The election is over, millions were spent and nothing changed. Harper did not get a majority, Liberals lost big. BQ didn't change and the NDP picked up a few seats. Other than being a makework project for freelance journalist and politicos, Danny Williams is the only one who achieved his goals in this election with his back ally brass knuckles turf war to defeat Newfoundland's Conservative candidates. ..and the question is still SO WHAT?
What has changed and what did it prove? Anyone know any healthcare issues, housing problems, poverty reduction plans that could have used the millions spent on this election? 
…and they wonder why no one is interested in voting. Politics is a waste of money and talent.

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