Back to work!


Well, the election bubble has burst and its time to get back to honest work. This shot of the offshore oil rig, Henry Goodrich, moving into position on the White Rose oil field, is from a project we are working on this week for one of our clients. In the professional commercial and industrial photography world there is not much that is more challenging than trying to pull off a photo like this. Try to imagine taking pictures strapped to paint can shaker suspended in space and EVERYTHING is moving. You, camera, subject and shooting platform all moving …at times in opposite directions.

Beside the obvious steady hand and trying to fit the dynamics of movement into the rules of composition it requires the coordination and cooperation of a lot of people and non-photo resources to get you into this position. After weather, logistics and equipment are all a go its just you and your pilot on the headset. Not enough can be said about the skill and patience of the pilot who maneuvers a large, heavy Sikorsky helicopter into position based on the sometimes incomprehensible directions from the photographer sitting in the open door.  
So, a big THANK YOU! to the pilots at
Cougar Helicopters who make this work possible.

(Photo by Greg Locke © 2008 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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