Sound Symposium Presents: Bageshree Vaze

Sound Symposium presents Bageshree Vaze and a night of electrifying Indian music with a Newfoundland connection!

The versatile and multi-talented Bageshree Vaze (voice, dance) and Vineet Vyas (tabla) bring their show to the MUN School Of Music.

OCT. 26, 2008
D.F. Cook Recital Hall,
MUN School of Music,
8:00 PM
Tickets: $18/$15 (students and seniors)

Tickets available from the MUN School of Music.
Reservations can be made through the MUN School of Music website.

Bageshree Vaze was initially trained in the style of Bharatha Natyam dance in St. John's, Newfoundland, and also trained in Hindustani (North Indian) classical vocal music with her father. After moving to Ontario in 1996, Bageshree began to create dance works which combined her knowledge of South Indian dance and North Indian music, and she explored collaborations between Indian dance and Western forms, such as ballet, modern and West African dance. In 2001, she released a debut album, Bageshree, which combined Indian classical aesthetics with modern pop music and electronica. Bageshree was named 'ubbharta sitara' (rising star) by MTV India in February 2004, and the video for her single 'Deewana' won both the 2004 Annecy (France) and 2006 ReelWorld (Toronto) film festival awards for Outstanding Canadian Music video.

Much of Bageshree's current work is done in collaboration with her husband, tabla artist Vineet Vyas. One of Canada's most dynamic musical talents, he is a disciple of the legendary Tabla maestro, Pandit Kishan Maharaj. Raised in Truro, Nova Scotia, and now based in Toronto and New Delhi, Vineet was born into a family of traditional musicians of India and began playing at the age of five. He has been awarded scholarships from the Canadian Government in recognition of his musical talent and has been featured on CBC television and radio. He was recently featured in the 2007 Bravo! documentary Fingers of Fire, and his new CD, Taalworks was released by Times Music in India in 2007.

“As Vaze's feet tap in perfect rhythm to the beat of Vyas' tabla, its clear this is a couple in perfect sync.”  – Prithi Yelaja, Toronto Star 2005

“It's hard to imagine a more agile confluence of Eastern and Western sounds.traditional and modern instruments unfurl a jaw dropping tapestry. No matter what language she's singing in, Bageshree communicates on the soul level. And it's impossible not to be moved.”  – Kim Hughes, Music Editor,

Presented in association with Memorial School of Music, Debut Atlantic
and the Arts and Culture Centre.

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