The Newfoundland Bald Eagle.

  Those who know me know that one thing I'm not is a nature photographer  …and there is not much I won't photograph. I've even been known to take on a wedding when threatened by an angry bride-to-be in tears.  But to be professionally consistent at the specialty of nature photography requires A LOT of patience and knowledge of …well, NATURE!  I lack both. A long time ago I made this deal with Nature. I leave it alone and it leaves me alone. But what can you do when its right there in front of you begging to be photographed?

This weekend, while on another foray along the East Coast Trail, we came across this bald eagle near Mobile, guarding its nest while the mate hunted for food nearby. A friend who had been earlier in the day said he saw the chicks pop their heads up out of the nest.

To think there are people who travel around the world and spend days in the cold and wet to make good pictures of wildlife and all we do is walk out the door and go for a hike. Yes, it's dumb luck. So, this handsome fellow gets added to my VERY small wildlife portfolio along side the alligator, the moose, the orca, the pelican, a flamingo and a couple of rats.
My American cousins don't like it when I call it The Newfoundland Bald Eagle :^). 

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