Icebergs and fog.


In art school painting or photographing a white egg on a white background used to be a standard exercise. I would like to have icebergs in the fog added to that lesson on contrast and light. With the coming of digital photography many have left the incident reading light meter in the bottom of the drawer but this is a perfect situation for the light meter. Other than that, bracket your exposures up to 2 stops either side of the best guess of your camera meter. This was the iceberg in Ferryland, Newfoundland on the way out to the lighthouse on the headland last weekend. There are still a few icebergs along the Southern Shore if you have not managed to get out for a drive yet. It's been the best year for icebergs on this coast in a long time. International ice patrol have counted as many a 600 on the Grand Banks in the shipping lanes, fishing areas and the near the offshore oil fields  …not THAT far from the Titanic site. More photos over in the left column.  
Photo by Greg Locke © 2008

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  1. Anonymous May 30, 2008 at 01:28 #

    Stunning shot, Greg! I love the mystery that the fog creates and the gleam off thegront face of the berg that suggests melting activity. Good subdued colors.