"…going to the ice in the spring of the year…"

 …but not for seals this time.

From the window of the patrol aircraft, the ice floes off the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland this year are pretty spectacular. Satellite images show the pack stretching from the Labrador Sea to Cape Bauld on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula and on to Fogo, Cape Freels, Cape Bonavista and out on to the Grand Banks as far as the offshore oil fields and beyond to the south east. The pack is 300km wide in places and the USCG's International Ice Patrol latest report for today shows the extent of the sea ice and a lot of icebergs!

If all goes right with logistics I'll be out on the ice for the rest of the week. …nothing like a sea cruise in the North Atlantic.
Photo by Greg Locke © 2008