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Our apologies if this changes everytime you log or GASP!  …see something you shouldn't. No one ever said it was a “family website”.  Just doing a little pixel construction and testing out some new CSS code for a web project. Now its a test bed.

What's new you ask?
Well, I'm back doing some journalism and writing for the Halifaxt Chronicle-Herald. Which explains why there has been little news here. Just too damn busy!

It's good to get back to writing again but its funny how rusty you get.
…and it was enlightening to read my style guides and journalism ethics and guideline manuals again. It reminded of why I started in journalism and what some of my mentors taught me.
I find it odd that journalist rate so low in public opinion. The ethics and practises guidelines set out in policy, at least at reputable news organizations, is very specific and taken seriously by managment and a journalist agrees to this when he signs on the dotted line. I have only see these written policies from the Canadian Press, CBC, Globe & Mail and now the Chronical Herald. I have worked for other news organizations where this was a joke, If anyone knows of any other news or media companies that have written policy manuals for journalism ethics and practise please let me know …I seem to be collecting them these days.

Here is a photo from a recent story for the Chronicle Herald.

Bell Island mayor and ferry traveller advocate, Gary Gosine, at DICK'S. A bell Island landmark at the ferry dock and know to anyone who has spent the day on Bell Island. 
Photo by Greg Locke for the Halifax Chronicle Herald. © 2008



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