Weyburn story in Canadian Geographic

The Jan/Feb issue of Canadian Geographic magazine is just off the press (and in my mail box) and it has the story about Weyburn, Saskatchewan that I worked on last summer. I spent two weeks in southern Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Manitoba and all along the 49th Parallel working on various stories for some magazine clients but my week in Weyburn was a joy. There is something magical about the place and its no surprise that the Canadian prairie legends (no, not the Guess Who!) Tommy Douglas and W.O. Mitchell are associated with this place.

After five months in Alberta, Weyburn and its hospitality was as good as any resort vacation. The CG story is an energy science story about carbon sequestering where CO2 from oil and coal field operations are pumped back into the earth …look it up …but, needless to say there were great pictures on the western flatlands at harvest time that didn't fit the story or there was simply not enough room so …here are some of my favorites. Check the left hand column of the blog or click on the PHOTOS folder if you are late coming to this page. …comments? Click the link or email me …and THANK YOU, Weyburn.

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