Hello 2008!

Hey, look its 2008! WOW! …no hangover! Great! …and good riddance to 2007. It was grossly overrated. Do I have anything witty, wise or reflective to say about last year? …No.

 But there is news and hope in the new year. After all we are heading into the Year of The Rat, that most resourceful creature in the Chinese zodiac …and my favorite year!
We have freshened the website with a new look and collection of galleries, photo essays and stories …and will continue add material over the next few days. Sometimes there is too much stuff and just not enough time. As usual there are problems with Firefox and Opera web browsers displaying pages not exactly as designed. Apologies to you lot who use these browsers. We”ll keep tinkering.
If you have any suggestions or problems with anythng please email.

The big news for us around here is a new photography/video production studio in downtown St. John's. As much as I love the challenge and “live” results of location photography, sometimes you just need to bring it into the studio. Reno work continues but we have enough done to work with small groups, portraits, product photography, advertising and technical / scientific photography on a small scale and by March we'll be ready for larger productions and setups….and based on the weather these past few weeks, a studio is looking like a great place to be doing photo work this winter.

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