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First wedding shoot of 2018

Our first wedding of 2018 is done and delivered …with the added bonus of it being shot as the the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica! Thanks to Adrienne and Greg for bringing me along for their special day.  The whole place is like a big studio. Easy to see why the fashion shooters pack up the whole crew and just goes shoot on a Caribbean resort.

Got a wedding you need photographed this year? We have some openings still for 2018. It doesn’t have to be in Jamaica! Drop us a line. and check out our wedding photo gallery.

Harpist, Sarah Veber.

One of my last shoots of the summer was with the talented young harpist, Sarah Veber from St Philip’s, Newfoundland. She studies music in Ottawa but will be returning to St John’s to play with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra for selected concerts this season beginning with the Nov 11 performance of Mozart’s Requiem at the NSO MASTERWORKS 2; HONOUR. REFLECT. REMEMBER at the historic Basilica of Saint John The Baptist. We photographed her in a meadow in her home town overlooking Conception Bay, Newfoundland.

Sound Symposium 2016

Finally catching up in this summer’s work. Check out our photo gallery from this year’s Sound Symposium XVIII, international festival of new music and sound art. A wonderful 10 day adventure in music, performance, sound art and acoustic wonders and aural delights! I got invited to shoot Sound Symposium in 1992 and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Endless Summer 2015


OK, that might be a bit delusional. July was a weather torture test in Newfoundland and “Winter is Coming” has become “I told you so” as December gets  a firm grip on us and we resign ourselves to the dark months.   ….BUT!  August was awesome and the summer stretched well into October so we got to do some great “fall” shooting that looked like an endless summer. A little bit of climbing with the Newfoundland Youth Team in Stiles Cove,  yoga in the Manuals River with climber and circus aerialist Keely Whitelaw, getting dirty in the political trenches with Marg, Princess Warrior and glorious “summer” photos with NSO musicians Chantelle Jubinville and newest member Rosemary Lawton. The remote sandy beach at Lance Cove Point at the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula is a match of anything in the tropics …ok, the temps were chilly but it LOOKS like the Caribbean! We took sheep for a boat ride on the islands off Tors Cove, danced with Katie Hardy at Cape Spear and it even made our shoots with Toromont CAT much more pleasurable. Our vacation adventures in August saw us out on the road kayaking, canoeing and exploring the out-of-the-way areas of north east coast of the island. So, here is good-bye to summer and hello winter. Bring it on. Skiing and ice climbing coming up.



NSO Portraits 2015 have started


We’re deliriously happy to be back shooting portraits of the musicians of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra for the 2015/16 season. We kicked it off with Jessica Pereversoff on a stormy March day with torrential rain and 100km winds! …we took shelter in an empty car park and carried on! Between running back and forth to the car to warm up we managed to get the pavement swept of snow and the lights up and tied down. Six Nikon Speedlights and a lot of sandbags and rope. Great subjects and a great crew always seem to make it happen!. Lighting assistant Erinn Locke, hair and makeup by Olivia Chafe. Thanks to musicians Jessica Pereversoff and Cameron Maclellan (whose pictures you will see soon) for being such good sports and total pros. © 2015 Greg Locke

Portraits photo gallery updated

Kassandra Demers at Memorial University School of Music. St. John's, Newfoundland. Photography by Greg Locke © 2013 - www.greglocke.com

Kassandra Demers at Memorial University School of Music. St. John’s, Newfoundland. Photography by Greg Locke © 2014

We’ve updated our PORTRAITS photo gallery with new work from 2014! …have a look!

NSO Project photos updated

NSO violist Chantelle Jubenville in a field of Fireweed at Sugar Loaf, Newfoundland. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014

NSO violist Chantelle Jubenville in a field of Fireweed at Sugar Loaf, Newfoundland. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014

We have just updated our NSO Project photo galleries adding our images from 2014. Looking forward to what 2015 brings for the musicians of Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.

NSO PROJECT – The Portraits
NSO PROJECT – Backstage Pass

You can also visit the NSO’s new website at nsomusic.ca for the 2015 concert schedule and information.

Shooting covers on Topsail Beach.

Once upon a time the great cover shoots were for Macleans, Time, Men’s Health, Financial Post, Report on Business and other top editorial and consumer magazines. With the decline in fortunes for these once well-to-do consumer publications, these days you are more likely to shoot covers for magazines that most people never heard of, in fact, don’t even have public distribution. They are professional or trade publications for niche markets such as doctors, lawyers and accountants. These publications have evolved from crude “newsletters” into glossy magazines with production values equal or better than the great consumer magazines of yore ….and the fees for freelance contributors have surpassed the consumer publications which seemed to have stalled in 1986.  There are, literally, hundreds of these trade publications out there in Canada alone being produced not only by small publishers but major players like Rogers Media and ThomsonReuters.  …and guess what? They appreciate high quality work.

This is a recent cover shoot on Topsail Beach, Newfoundland of Nalcor Energy’s Mike Whalen for Purchasing B2B magazine. A specialty magazine for those in the purchaing and procurement departments of large corporations and government.

Always keep your eyes open for new markets and clients. The one thing I have learned in the last 25 years is editorial and commercial photography markets are ever moving target. Everything changes, you need to see it coming before it leaves you behind.

The NSO Project – Video Mix

The first video from our work with the musicians of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra in St. John’s, Newfoundland, comprising of video clips from backstage at concerts and during the production of our musician portraits sessions in 2012.
Visit our NSO Project page for the photo galleries.

NSO Portrait Exhibition

I think it’s been almost 15 years since I’ve put prints on a wall for a public exhibition. With the growth of digital photography in the professional world, the long slow death of newspapers and magazines and the rise of online media, most of the photography we see today is on a website or computer monitor. The small images are a part of life in the new visual media but they don’t compare to seeing large prints on a wall.

So, I’m very happy to offer up this small exhibition of my portraits of the musicians of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.

My NSO Project started last year and a part of that was to get these amazing musicians out of the theatres or studios and on location in the dramatic Newfoundland landscape and unique locations for a series of portraits. This exhibit is from the first round of photo shoots which took place in August and September 2012.

If you are in St. John’s during February (Feb1 – March 3, 2013) do drop down to Hava Java on Water Street, have a coffee and take in this exhibit. Hava Java has been making their upstairs space  available to artists as an alternative exhibition space for almost two years and it has been a great success. Sort of an Open Mic for the visually literate.

If you are lucky enough to be at the NSO Silver Ball on Feb 2 at the Delta Hotel we’ll have a large selection of photos from the project on the big screens.

Many thanks for this project go to the musicians of the NSO who bought into my vision whole heartedly and accepted me into their backstage lives.

Thanks to Inna Levchuk, Joe Chase, Erinn Locke for their production assistance, Trish Malloy and Olivia Chafe at the Head Room for hair and makeup. Rob and Erika at Hava Java for offering up their space and Rodney deVries for his instruments …no instruments were hurt in the making of these pictures. Printing by JB Photo. And finally, Neil and Sean at the NSO for herding cats.

This exhibition has been made possible by the kind support of Diamond Design.