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Simon G in St. John’s

Simon Ghanimian

World renown jewellery designer Simon Ghanimian, of Simon G jewellery photographed by Greg Locke at Diamond Design in St. John’s, Newfoundland. © 2013 – www.greglocke.com

Sucker for sapphires

Last week we went from climbing rocks to polishing them! We shot these beautiful sapphires for Diamond Design. ….and sapphires are our favourites anyway. Photo by Greg Locke© 2013

Tempting Topaz

A lovely topaz pendant in 18k white gold on a braided silk rope by designer, Bellarri, for Diamond Design.
Photo by Greg Locke © 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but I get along fine with these fascinating, sparkly little gems too.  One of our favourite clients, Diamond Design, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, has posted  gallery of our jewellery photography on their DiamondDesignNL FaceBook page.

We have been shooting their stunning diamond rings and other jewellery for the past year ever since owner Pat Thompson asked if we would like to give it a go. Jewellery photography can be quirky with lots of details and nuance to consider that are just not present when photographing oil rigs from a helicopter! The highly reflective surfaces are the toughest issue but accurate colour rendition so you can tell the difference between silver, white gold and platinum can be a mind numbing struggle if that level of accuracy is a requirement of the shoot.

We mostly use a daylight balanced light box with build-in 360 degree lighting ,  tungsten supplemental and LED spots on goose necks for pinpoint aiming. All lights can be individually controlled allowing full on shadowless photos on white background or single beam spots on black background.  Light is bright and controllable enough to allow everything from f2.0 to f22 at 200ISO. It’s a long learning curve and every time we fire up “The Box” we discover new ways to use it. Most recently we’ve used its motorized turntable to shoot short video clips like this.

More video available on the Diamond Design TV Youtube channel.