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Flatrock Fest 2014 story on the ACC National website

Erinn Locke climbing Yellow Fever at Flatrock, Newfoundland.

Erinn Locke climbing Yellow Fever at Flatrock, Newfoundland.

Far from the Rocky Mountains, out on the eastern edge of the country you’ll find the small but busy Newfoundland and Labrador Section of the ACC. On one weekend in August, at one of the most unique and spectacular climbing crags in Canada, you’ll find the annual Flatrock Climbing Festival – the biggest event in Newfoundland climbing. This year’s festival ran Saturday August 16.

The seaside cliffs in the fishing village of Flatrock, Newfoundland, 30km north of St. John’s, were first identified as a potential crag in the early 1990’s by a very small group of local climbers and have been used and developed ever since by the growing local climbing community. It has become the prime climbing area in the province with more than 40 routes on four different crags as well as plenty of bouldering set in dramatic coastal scenery. ….MORE on the ACC website

Making the Front Page

Our photo of David Bruneau at the Flatrock Climbing Festival, in Flatrock, Newfoundland made the front page of the Northeast Avalon Times newspaper this week  ….the best Newspaper in Newfoundland I might add! Always a great honour.

ACCNL Flatrock Climbing Fest 2013

Flatrock Climbing Festival photo gallery by Greg Locke. Flatrock, Newfoundland.
Terry Day at the 2013 Flatrock Climbing Festival in Flatrock, Newfoundland.
Photo by Greg Locke © 2013.

Here is a photo gallery from Alpine Club of Canada’s 2013  Flatrock Climbing Festival in Flatrock, Newfoundland. This event just gets more incredible every year as the climbing sports become more popular and people discover just what a great place Newfoundland and Labrador is for sport and trad climbing. This year it was organized by the Newfoundland Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. As always, it had something for the hard core climbers and those curious to just try it out. ACCNL members were on hand to give instruction.

Flatrock is the most developed climbing area in the province so far but areas on the west coast around Corner Brook and Gros Morn National Park are being explored and large crags on the remote south coast of the island have been mapped and climbed.  Major props to Beth Spencer and her merry band of organizers along with the sponsors who know a good thing when they see it!


All photos © 2013 GREG LOCKE


Alpine Club of Canada – NL Section
Wallnuts Climbing Centre 
NL Junior Climbing Team

Climbing, new photo challenges and skills

Climbing at Flatrock Newfoundland

Our daughter, Erinn, has become an avid rock climber loving both indoor and competitions at the gym as well as outdoor climbing adventures. Which is good because Newfoundland is a great place to be a rock climber. She has even represented the province with her Alpine Club of Canada NL team at competitions out of the province. All this, of course, means some great new photo challenges for me if there are going to be “family photos.” I’ve done my share of work in harnesses at height and quite comfortable working on the super structures of offshore oil rigs, tower cranes, in helicopters and with iron workers on steel beams high above construction sites but rock climbing is different, its much more physically demanding. You actually have to climb rock at some point, not just climb stairs or ladders. So, some new skills were required.

This now meant spending some time at Wallnuts Climbing Centre learning these skills and how to handle some new equipment and, oh, yeah, get in decent enough shape to get up on that wall and stay there!

Check out this photo gallery of the Alpine Club of Canada (NL Section) junior sport climbing team in action.!

Climb Newfoundland!

Rock climbing in Flatrock, Newfoundland by photographer Greg Locke © 2013 - www.greglocke.comClimbing in Flatrock, Newfoundland.                                                                                                             Photo by Greg Locke© 2013

The summer solstice has arrived and its half fit to head outdoors to play without winter survival gear so the coaches of the Newfoundland junior climbing team (under 17) got everyone out of the gym at Wallnuts Climbing Centre and took them down to Flatrock this weekend for the first outdoor training sessions of the year. This is 10 year old Alida, the youngest member of the team on a high bouldering section.

The team is sanctioned by the Newfoundland section of the Alpine Club of Canada and compete at events across the country.

Flatrock is one of the most developed climbing areas in the province and offers unique bouldering problems and sport climbing routes on the 200 foot cliffs along the spectacular coastal scenery north of St. John’s.

To find out more about climbing in Newfoundland visit Wallnuts or the Newfoundland section of the Mountain Project.
I have also started a photo gallery of the team where you can check out these amazing young athletes in an amazing sport.