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BMW RNYC RaceWeek 2013

Remember that scene in the Muppet Treasure Island movie where the ship got caught in the Doldrums …no wind, really hot, and everyone went a little mad? Well, it was kind of like that on Saturday at this years BMW – RNYC Race Week. No wind, DEAD CALM for more than four hours in the blistering sun. Not enough wind to move a boat but calm enough for a little swimming, a diving contest and “high seas” broadsides battle with water bombs and buckets of water. Or a chance to just catch up on your sleep. Mercifully, after lunch and before everyone drank all the beer they had on-board, the wind came up and the they had enough time to get one good long race in for the day.

Indeed, the whole week was a bit of weather craziness. Day 1 they raced in torrential rains, Day 2 was cancelled due to too much wind. Day 3 the wind was all over the place, swinging 180 degrees at one point …lots of sail changes that day, and Day 4 no wind for half the day. Everyone said they have never seen anything like it. Which is what makes sailing in Newfoundland a challenge (or adventure) even on a normal day.

Consequently I didn’t get a lot of hard core racing shots this year but did capture a bit of the fun that goes on when sailors can’t sail and had a blast, as always being a winch monkey on-board Greyling.  Thank you Dave and Heather for the boat therapy. Race Results can be found on the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club website and see gallery my below.


ACCNL Flatrock Climbing Fest 2013

Flatrock Climbing Festival photo gallery by Greg Locke. Flatrock, Newfoundland.
Terry Day at the 2013 Flatrock Climbing Festival in Flatrock, Newfoundland.
Photo by Greg Locke © 2013.

Here is a photo gallery from Alpine Club of Canada’s 2013  Flatrock Climbing Festival in Flatrock, Newfoundland. This event just gets more incredible every year as the climbing sports become more popular and people discover just what a great place Newfoundland and Labrador is for sport and trad climbing. This year it was organized by the Newfoundland Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. As always, it had something for the hard core climbers and those curious to just try it out. ACCNL members were on hand to give instruction.

Flatrock is the most developed climbing area in the province so far but areas on the west coast around Corner Brook and Gros Morn National Park are being explored and large crags on the remote south coast of the island have been mapped and climbed.  Major props to Beth Spencer and her merry band of organizers along with the sponsors who know a good thing when they see it!


All photos © 2013 GREG LOCKE


Alpine Club of Canada – NL Section
Wallnuts Climbing Centre 
NL Junior Climbing Team

RNYC Race Week photo gallery now online

RNYC Race Week photo
Racing yachts Shalloway and Deja Vu fight for position at the start line of a race during Race Week at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club in Conception Bay Newfoundland August 17, 2012.

We have a GALLERY of Race Week photos now online. Prints can be ordered directly on the site.