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TOUCHED BY FIRE – doctors without borders in a third world crisis.
by Dr Elliott Leyton and Greg Locke

McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 0-7710-5305-3

Reviews for Touched By Fire

“…a testament to the human spirit”,  … US PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

“…unforgettably haunting photographs.”  … The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada.

“An intellectually stimulating volume.” … The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada.

“Compelling and frank.” ...Michelle McAfee, Canadian Press.

“Few will be able to read his devastating book without crying or becoming infuriated.”
William Beatty, BOOKLIST, (American Library Association.)



Newfoundland; Journey into a Lost Nation
Michael Crummey and Greg Locke
McClelland and Stewart

  • ISBN-10: 0771061420
  • ISBN-13: 978-0771061424

Reviews for Journey into a Lost Nation

“…these images are of a Newfoundland rarely seen by anyone who is not a Newfoundlander. This is the real Newfoundland.” …Wayne Grady, Canadian Geographic

“Photojournalist Locke and Giller-nominated author Crummey have created a fantastic piece of work that reveals a moving portrait of Newfoundland, the place and her people”. …Tim Peckham, The Toronto Sun.

“Together, in stunning photos and haunting prose, they capture the humour and harshness of their homeland, from the days when cod was plentiful until today.” …The Globe & Mail, May 29, 2004

“You’ll be astonished at how acutely it has captured the world in which you once lived. “
…Robin McGrath, Northeast Avalon Times



Hibernia – Promise of Rock and Sea
Photography by Greg Locke and Ned Pratt
Edited by Lara Maynard

Breakwater Books

  • ISBN-10: 1550811304
  • ISBN-13: 978-1550811308

Hibernia is a platform which will lead to the development of a new offshore oil and gas industry for Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada). The official Hibernia book is a record of the highly commendable effort by so many groups and individuals, from geophysicists and provincial politicians to Hibernia management, staff, and workers, to fully realize the opportunity of the Hibernia project. A generous selection of impressive photos by Ned Pratt and Greg Locke complemented by engaging text records the many facets of the undertaking: faces and feats, construction progress and milestones at the Bull Arm site. These varied elements are combined in a record of history in the making, a quality keepsake chronicling the inception and development of a great enterprise fuelled by a remarkable blend of perseverance and skill.









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