The Artists

Photographing artists brings both joy and challenges. The artist brings his or her art to the photo be it his physical art or just their personal aesthetic. It makes for interesting pictures and often they are easier to work with because you are both talking the same language. But sometimes it become a battle of competing images. A challenge but often the pictures benefit from the combined creative input. Also check out our work with the artists of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.


Scenocosme_GSL7042-LR.jpgRachelGauntlett2_GSL-9256.jpg<INSERT HEADLINE>FlatrockFest2012_GSL2440.JPGGeekAssassin-HR_120512-25_GSL2617.jpgLowres-Mummers2013-6973.jpgVinceCollins-2014_GSL-4844.jpgLR-709Band_GSL9927.jpgJully BlackAngela PickettBlair HarveyBlue Bird Cree Dance TroupeDeidre Gillard Rowlings and Neil Butler Catherine Carmichael Charlotte HugCIRQUE DU SOLEIL--SALTIMBANCOCynthia DaleDavid BlackwoodDes WalshDon DicksonElena PopovaPat MoranMack Furlong, THE GREAT AUKDon GregoryHarold KlunderHen Tracks on Eternity by Philip Blackburn Jacque DudonJoanne GreeleyJody Richardson-ThomasTrio and The Red AlbinoJoel Thomas HynesJoey by Kevin NobleJohn Gzowski and Julia AlpinChristopher Pratt and Gorden PinsentJohn WyreKaddy Trash Guitar - The Black AuksK'naanKim StockwoodLisa MooreMESSIAH OF MONTREALMichael BubleFestival of New DancePatrick BoyleHow Many Newfoundlanders in Hell? - CURRENTThe ReactionRex GoudieRon HynesRoula SaidSAFASound Symposium  -danceSurrogate Harmony by Ivika Kivi and Sulo KallasTeoaghTerrill McGuireTrimpin-TheFireOrgan.jpgUnbrella EnsembleAnahereo White-Malone - Wonderbolt CircusWonderbolt CircusRising Tide Theatre