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Hair today….

….and its back in the studio at The Head Room with this shot for hair stylist Olivia Chafe and our new favourite model, Laura, with makeup by Janel O’Connell.

Geek Assassin

Geek Assassin movie still Photo by Greg Locke © 2012 Actress Natalia Hennelly on set during shooting of Geek Assassin last week. This new independent film by Kenneth J. Harvey is currently in production in St. John’s. Check out the 1 minute teaser on Vimeo. This film will be deadly. © Greg Locke 2012

Nikon D800 – Loose in the real world.

Nikon D800

I have not been excited about a new camera since I traded a bag full of Olympus OM1’s and a bunch of lenses for a couple of new Nikon F3’s, an 80-200mm and a 20mm back in 1985. The first digital camera I considered worth buying was the Nikon D100. I had used the NC2000 and the D1’s and they were total crap. Sorry, it’s the truth and we all know it. Since the D100 I’ve only bought a couple of D2x and a D700.

I wasn’t really planning on buying a Nikon D800.  However, when I saw the specs and it coincided with a need for a new HD video setup I figured it was as good a time as any to make the credit card say ouch.

I don’t think anyone expected a 36 megapixel “full frame” monster with new expanded video features.

I got my order in to  Nikon Canada Pro Services preferred purchase program and Jeff Chevrier at Photocreative, I was able to get one of the first D800s to come into the country.

Cameras, as cool as the technology can be, are still just work tools for professional photographers. They have to have features that are useful and functional in my “real world” shooting and production environment.

With that in mind, this review of the D800 is going to be more about things that matter to working photographers in the field. It’s not a tech “test” or a spec review or, God forbid, a Nikon vs Canon discussion.

Every camera and tech geek on the web has their own version of that and you’ll find the best at and DXO labs websites. Which, by the way, calls the D800 the best DSLR to date. Continue reading »

On set with Laura and Evan

We just finished up shooting some TV ads with our friends at Lingo Creative  and I had the pleasure to meet Laura and Even. These two great young Newfoundland actors nailed the improv scenes within minutes of hearing the briefest of concepts. It’s a shame you won’t actually see their faces on screen so I thought I’d post a couple of stills I did on set.


Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but I get along fine with these fascinating, sparkly little gems too.  One of our favourite clients, Diamond Design, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, has posted  gallery of our jewellery photography on their DiamondDesignNL FaceBook page.

We have been shooting their stunning diamond rings and other jewellery for the past year ever since owner Pat Thompson asked if we would like to give it a go. Jewellery photography can be quirky with lots of details and nuance to consider that are just not present when photographing oil rigs from a helicopter! The highly reflective surfaces are the toughest issue but accurate colour rendition so you can tell the difference between silver, white gold and platinum can be a mind numbing struggle if that level of accuracy is a requirement of the shoot.

We mostly use a daylight balanced light box with build-in 360 degree lighting ,  tungsten supplemental and LED spots on goose necks for pinpoint aiming. All lights can be individually controlled allowing full on shadowless photos on white background or single beam spots on black background.  Light is bright and controllable enough to allow everything from f2.0 to f22 at 200ISO. It’s a long learning curve and every time we fire up “The Box” we discover new ways to use it. Most recently we’ve used its motorized turntable to shoot short video clips like this.

More video available on the Diamond Design TV Youtube channel.

Boyd Chubbs on set and in studio

Newfoundland musician, poet and visual artist, Boyd Chubbs, on set in our studio during shooting for upcoming film. All credit for this shot goes to brilliant lighting technician Flora Planchat. THANKS FLORA!!  © 2011 Greg Locke / Stray Light Media, Inc.

Who has time to work?

Welder on the Hibernia construction site at Bull Arm,Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

With the new website to finish and the search for a new studio space who has time to work? If anyone has any leads on 1000 square feet of open space with high ceilings ….and maybe some big windows, in St. John’s do get in touch. ….greg

The Pink Swan …and web stories

For now my friend’s daughter is still The Pink Swan. She was very proud of her ballet outfits and pictures were in-order for the far-flung relatives.

(NOTE: This post has been imported from the old blog.)

Speaking of far-flung and as this blog space is still operational, I would like to thank the 77 THOUSAND people (human and web bots) who visited my blog this month. It’s a record for any of my sites.

I will miss you all when we switch over to our new cyber real estate sometime this summer. Google doesn’t like change or change of addresses and stops sending people around for a while. Just spite I guess.

Most of the traffic on this blog does, indeed, come via Google search and particularly searching for photos. Stephen Harper, Terra Nova oil and a wheat farmer from Weyburn, Sask. are the most popular. …go figure.

Some smart web/ISP people once told me that 1000 hits a day is very good for small local or regional blog so I was pretty happy when I hit that mark on a regular basis. So, when numbers started to climb above that, doing 2000 hits a day, last fall I was surprised. After all its just a business blog really.

I’ve never really paid slavish attention to it but now that this site is getting over 3000 per day its just bizarre.

Sadly, it will all end soon as we change up servers. I don’t really mind. Contrary to what some of my IT, journalism and blogger friends say I don’t believe everything posted to the Internet is sacred and has to exist forever. In fact, I am finding “everything” is actually making search engines fairly useless for finding current info.

I’ve deleted everything from blogs and websites before and started over. The world didn’t end, Google didn’t send the black helos and within a year they had forgiven me and was sending traffic my way again.