2014 Southcott Awards

I shot this photo in Trinity, Newfoundland a number of year ago and finally got to use it in something!

The 2014 Southcott Awards by the Newfoundland Historic Trust is on June 24th and this year is special as its the 30th annual awards that celebrate and recognize groups, companies and individuals who are instrumental in the preservation, restoration and continuation of the architectural and built heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador. If you are anywhere near St. John’s come down to the LSPU Hall, a past Southcott winner, on June 24 at 7:00pm  …and its FREE!

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Frank Fusari on bass

NSO Principal Bass, Frank Fusari photographed by Greg Locke on location at the Arts & Culture Centre in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Frank Fusari, Principal Bass for the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, is next up in our NSO Portraits Project. Frank was photographed back stage at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s during a break in rehearsal last night. Industrial setting calls for industrial lighting. Mixed the available florescents with daylight and tungsten gelled Nikon Speedlights. In the past few weeks we have photographed twelve musicians for this years series. Look for these in the program guides, ads and online for the NSO upcoming season.


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Sound Art

Every two years since 1983 Sound Symposium has been happening in Newfoundland, Canada at the edge of the North Atlantic. Founded by classical musician and percussionist, Don Wherry, the event grew from a bunch of avant garde musician friends to a ten day international festival of new music, performing and sound art with everything from classical and jazz musicians experimenting with new sound, dance and theatre to audio engineers and sculptures creating audio art installations in the wild coastal environment. The soundscapes created have become the hallmark of Sound Symposium which happens once again in July of 2014.

We shot this video at a 2012 Sound Symposium event organized by Gayle Young, a sound artist and founder of Music Works magazine. She led a group of musicians to remote  Doctor’s Cove, Newfoundland, 100km south of St. John’s to find resonant rocks and build lithophones.


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NSO cellist Rachel Gauntlett

NSO cellist Rachel Gauntlett photographed by Greg Locke in St. John's, Newfondland © 2014

So lucky to get to photograph Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra cellist, Rachel Gauntlett, again this week. Rachel was the first portrait we did when we started The NSO Portraits project nearly two years ago. We photographed her in the Newman Wine Vaults. If you are thinking, hey wait a minute, isn’t it winter in Newfoundland you would be right. We got out of the snow in an empty parking garage but Rachel  still had to tough it out for the nearly 2 hour photo shoot in sub zero temps. Talented, beautiful and ….tough!  You should visit her website at www.rachelgauntlett.com. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014.

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Getting high at climbing competition

Sarah Spurrell climbs the final lead route, indicated by yellow tape, to win the ACCNL – Wallnuts  2014 Youth Climbing Competition in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Sunday, February 16. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014

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Sunset ski


An evening out skiing with Erinn before the rains come. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014.

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A recipe for a great photo day

Take 1 perfectly aged Volvo wagon, fill with a piping hot string quartet, add instruments, bags ….lots of shoes! and top with 100 kilos of photo/video gear.  Drive for a couple of hours through a winter wonderland and then let bake all day at the finest country inn and estate in Newfoundland. When its done you will be serving up hundreds of awesome photos and video. Big thanks to Carole Bestvater, Sarah-Jane Johnson, Dominic Greene, Etienne Pemberton-Renaud from the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and special thanks Laurelyn Berry and Jerry Byrne for a great day and hosting us at The Doctor’s House Inn & Spa
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At The Silver Ball with the NSO

At the 2014 Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra annual Silver Ball. St. John's Newfoundland. Photographer; Greg Locke © 2014

Had a wonderful evening at the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra’s annual Silver Ball on Saturday night. Technically, I wasn’t working (just enjoying the evening) but I had my trusty little Fuji X20 with me and never could let a nice photo pass by. So, I snuck into the cello section to get this shot of Sarah-Jane Johnson. Ms Johnson is a MUN Music masters student and recipient of the Suncor Energy Strings Fellowship. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014.

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Ski days

X-Country skiing with Erinn at The Butterpot, Newfoundland. Photo by Greg Locke © 2014 - www.greglocke.com

Rock climbing season is over around here for the winter so its time to hit the woods on the cross-country skis. This past weekend we had a day of glorious sun and a day of heavy snow. Typical Newfoundland! Both made for great outdoor adventure with Erinn and Sue though. … hoping it sticks and the next days are not rain and fog which is pretty common here on the east coast of the island. Photos by Greg Locke © 2014.

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Youth Climbing Competition

A poster we did for the upcoming Youth Climbing Competition happening in St. John’s on Feb 16th. It features a photo of daughter Erinn (of course!) in competition at Wallnuts Climbing Centre. This is an Alpine Club of Canada sanctioned competition and qualifier event for the eastern Canada regional championships to be held in Toronto in April. If you want to see some amazing young athletes like no other, you really should come out and see these kids compete.

Also see our photo gallery of the Newfoundland Junior Climbing Team

For more on the Alpine Club of Canada activities in Newfoundland visit the new website of the ACC NL

© 2013 Greg Locke

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