Fortis Project: Illustrations Part 3

Here are illustrations from the perspective of Long's Hill (top) and Victoria Street (above). I also went looking for the angle and perspective of the official artist's concept drawing. Guess what? They don't exist. The deception is their lack of consideration for the surrounding streetscape and buildings and their relationships to the new buildings.  For example, the Water Street view – you can't get back far enough to see the same perspective the artist has drawn. By not showing the surrounding buildings the drawing do not show the visual congestion or blind the building will create. …which is the purpose of these simple illustrations.

I could do this for weeks, there are hundreds of public spaces, private residence and offices that will have their views, blocked and shadows cast across their property from sunrise to mid-day. Look at the Victoria street photo …you can't see the top of the existing Fortis Building. That means its current elevation rises to the level of Queens road where I was standing for this photo. The proposed new building with another 4 stories or 15 metres which would make it roughly the same elevation (above sea level) as Military Road.

People dismiss “The View” as a valid argument in the development debate but a house, apartment or office with a great view of the harbour, the narrows or Signal Hill certainly carries a bigger price tag than one that doesn't. Ask any real estate agent. They certainly use it as a feature in their sales features.

If a persons property is devalued by the actions of a “neighbour” can the property owner seek damages?

While standing at the beginning of The Battery a man stopped while I was taking pictures and asked what I was doing. I told him. He said, “I live over there. The only good thing about that new building is that it will block my view of Atlantic Place.” Reminds me of a joke I heard in Warsaw, Poland. Locals say the best view of Warsaw is from the Stalin Building …because you can't see the Stalin Building from there.