Rex leaves Globe for Post

Rex Murphy has
packed up his column at the Globe and Mail and hauled it uptown to the National

The long time Globe columnist, CBC commentator, host of Cross
Country Checkup …and all round Newfoundland
favourite son won’t be able to be read in print in Newfoundland any more because the National
Post …a NATIONAL newspaper does not distribute in the province.

No big announcements. Most people heard when Peter
Mansbridge mentioned it in the extro to Rex’s piece on The National. Could it
have been a part of the CBC – National Post content sharing agreement?  Is it a part of new Globe editor, John
Stackhouse’s, new plan? Or were Stackhouse and crew less than impressed with Rex's appearances in a rival paper after Murphy’s December 5 column in the
Financial Post.

Oddly enough, the Globe and Mail used to be considered the
right wing conservative paper before the National Post came on the scene.

Some are saying he was starting to drift a little too far to
starboard (the right side of the boat) so could a senate appointment be
next?  …NAW!, that's going to a Loyola.

But can you imagine the blood bath in the senate chamber when
Rex was turned loose?
Duffy would be stuffed. dressed and with an apple in his mouth laid out on the clerks table.

Check out the discussion at Ian Capstick’s Media Style blog.


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